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About us

The entrepreneurial activities of the Peters family have a long tradition which goes back to the year 1870. As a family business we are ensconced in system of values which is characterised by sustainability, long-term orientation, continuity and responsibility for the next generation. This includes also that we meet our responsibility for the environment by carrying out sustainable production processes.

Quick decisions, high flexibility.

With eight factories, the Peters Group of Companies offers packaging-relevant processes from one source: Starting with the production of corrugated cardboard and its processing to refinement processes, such as special printing methods. At the same time, we ensure disposal and recycling of raw materials, and moreover we operate specialist trading companies for packaging


Under the Group umbrella we develop entrepreneurial strategies together with our subsidiaries, and implement them. We support our subsidiaries in the field of organisation, purchase and administration. In this respect we profit from the flexibility and autonomy of a family-run enterprise. Short communication channels and quick decisions are achieved by flat hierarchies, a decentralised organisation as well as the competence and the personal responsibility of our staff.

Peters Group of Companies is ideally positioned to fulfil effectively the high demands of its customers along the packaging-relevant production and delivery chain. Latest communication systems and future-oriented production processes provide the basis for packaging solutions made of corrugated cardboard, which will convince you as customer and entrepreneur.


Strategy development

It is our task to provide leadership and management for our subsidiaries in order to ensure their sustainable economic success. This comprises the development of strategies, the divisional management and the decision on investment focusses as well as the group-wide finance and company controlling. We are convinced of the principle of decentralised management which emphasises the personal responsibility of the subsidiaries. In the group of companies, we stress the group concept and look after the similarities; at the same time developing and supporting the independent fortes of the individual companies.

Finances and administration

For our operatively independent subsidiaries we take over the central purchase, and render available cross-group fields, such as information technology, staff management or controlling, finance and treasury management.


Best added value for our customers

Our entrepreneurial activities concentrate on the needs of our customers. The strategies of the Peters Group of Companies is oriented completely to offer the best added value to you and to strengthen your position in the market. For this purpose we consistently bundle the resources of our subsidiaries, use and support available synergies and develop tailored solutions.

Cumulative competence under one roof

Aristotle already knew that “The whole is more than the sum of its parts”. Along with our subsidiaries we offer specialised products and services in the fields of corrugated cardboard packing, trade and thus can target the tasks and needs of our customers and can develop optimised solutions. The centralization of management, financing and controlling tasks at the holding causes cost optimisation at increased productivity which benefits our customers along with high fail-safe performance.

Think ahead !

Peters Group of Companies as a holding is the administrative but also the strategic core of the group of companies. The course for further developments of the group of companies is set here, new ideas are developed and promising strategies are created. This applies for new acquisitions to strengthen and expand the portfolio to the outside as well as for creation, further development and stabilisation of synergies to the outside.



Company history

1870 Foundation of the present-day Remscheider Wellpappenfabrik Otto Hampel in the German town of Remscheid, first as a hotbox and cardboard box company
1937 Foundation of Reconcept Company as waste paper trading company in Remscheid by Fritz Peters, the husband of Else Hampel
1938 Purchase of today’s Wellkistenfabrik Fritz Peters with its headquarters in the German town of Krefeld by Fritz Peters; purchase of the first corrugated cardboard company at the beginning of the 50s
1957 Relocation of Wellkistenfabrik Fritz Peters to the location in the German town of Moers
1958 Purchase of today’s corrugated cardboard company Bandis & Knopp in the German town of Bergisch-Gladbach
1968 Purchase of the corrugated box company Gross in the German town of Versmold
1970 Foundation of paper factory Fritz Peters in the German town of Gelsenkirchen
1973 Alternation of generations and succession in the company management by Ruth and Volkmar Peters, children of Fritz Peters
1982 Purchase of today’s Cartonia corrugated cardboards in the German town of Breitscheid
1994 Foundation of commercial enterprise Logbox
2001 Purchase of commercial enterprise Dajapac
2008 Alternation of generations and succession in the company management by Angela and Roman Peters, children of Volkmar Peters
2014 Sale of paper factory Fritz Peters in the German town of Gelsenkirchen
2014 Relocation of Reconcept company and expansion on a larger property in the German town of Remscheid
2020 Sale of the company Reconcept
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